All in memoir


“I would enter the isolation booth by myself, the audiologist locking the door by means of a rotating wheel lock ("like on a submarine" I thought, each time).”


“My school was nowhere so dramatic as the Cornish coastline. The nearest sea was the one frozen in the chalk of the nearby Downs which undulated their way from east to west.”


“It is a raw anatomy of motherhood. A deep incision, revealing the otherworldly gore beneath the veil of muslins and cot sheets: "What to Expect When You're Expecting" it is not…”


“I lay in bed planning escape routes in the event of a domestic fire, and had wild dreams in which I had to stay hidden from unseen eyes, or else the world would end.”


“We had caught him on a fishing trip, having initially mistaken the piscine scrap for a piece of weed. I feel bad now, for yanking him out of his lovely big pond and slish-sloshing him home in a Bejam bag.”


“The boys' relationship has never been characterised by conflict, they accommodate and give way to each other like they do for no one else. Very gradually, companionship sprouted like a persistent plant on bare earth.”


“Spike lay sleepy amongst the rumpled sheets of our bed. He squinted, raised his hand next to head and opened and closed his pudgy starfish fist. He had made the Makaton sign for "light".”


“The boxes I made were a wonky, rustic affair, at the very limits of what you could reasonably call a box, and they proliferated way beyond the point of usefulness.”


“There then follows a period of psychological over-adjustment, where Spike copes with the not-being-at-homeness of holidays by designating our accommodation "home". He mentally moves house.”