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“It is a raw anatomy of motherhood. A deep incision, revealing the otherworldly gore beneath the veil of muslins and cot sheets: "What to Expect When You're Expecting" it is not…”


“Crows stepped carefully on the shady lawns, peering beyond their beaks, waiting for something. Cobalt dragon and damsel flies zinged in my peripheral vision. And then I caught sight of something monolithic.”


“A bouncy swimming pool stood before them. Their two avatars then spent some time jumping up and down happily on her wild and wonderful invention. What a joyful reward for letting someone in”


“The witch had a cat familiar, but it remained in a wicker hamper, securely belted to the rear of the broomstick. I clearly doubted the physical probability of a small cat hanging on to the vehicle…”


“For a time there was a craze for printing greeting cards at home and it's estimated that a third of Japanese homes had a Print Gocco.”


“More than anything, "If This Is A Man" is about the infinitesimal line between the drowned and the saved.”


“Since 2000, the year I came to live in London, the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park has commissioned a temporary summer pavilion by a leading architect. I love the regularity and predictability of it. An annual marker of the summer months.”


“Tucked away under that beautifully-shaved ice were pockets of strawberry sorbet, strawberry salad, chantilly cream and cookie goo.”

Pig Pen

“I jabbed my finger at them excitedly, and Oscar gasped in recognition, and shouted "OH MY GOSH!". I loved that he was so excited - bedtime be damned! I rushed to get my pen and paper, and we set to work.”